Cinema advertising continues to be one of advertising’s fastest growing mediums. And advertisers and industry watchers are taking notice.


“Through deals with third-party content providers and a new themed Preshow, [Screenvision] is leveraging its nationwide high-definition digital screen advertising network to…render in-theatre marketing more entertaining…for moviegoers.”

Box Office Magazine

“Think going to the movies is just for watching flicks? Think again. Screenvision…is about to shake up screens once again.. Instead of just running big screen ads, Screenvision’s adding snappy entertainment features… in between the spots…The goal is to keep fans tuning in.”

The New York Daily News

Being a part of Screenvision’s Digital Preshow “affords us the chance to expand beyond the trailer and go behind the scenes and explore a feature. We’re excited about that.”

Courteney Monroe, Senior VP Advertising, HBO
Advertising Age

“Cinema advertising is a really great alternative to some broader awareness media.”

Julie Roehm, Director, Marketing Communications, DaimlerChrysler
Advertising Age

“Working with [the Hasbro Properties Group and] Screenvision allows us to bring new entertainment based on classic, wholesome brands like MY LITTLE PONY to the big screen for young fans.”

Michele Martell, Senior VP, Kidtoon Films
Business Wire

“The cinema advertisement is part of an overall creative marketing strategy to reach more potential consumers in an entertaining and innovative manner. The fact that we have buy-in with two of the season’s hottest movies is a great place to introduce this new direction for the book.”

Alistair Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Guinness World Records
Business Wire

“Screenvision offers us the opportunity to create a tailor-made message for the young, desirable audiences that not only frequent the movies, but also are target buyers for our new Dodge Caliber. With such a powerful and targeted medium at our disposal, we felt it was important to make a creative spot just for in-cinema as part of the overall Dodge Caliber marketing campaign.”

Mark Spencer, Dodge Spokesperson

“Right now, because of media fragmentation, we feel that cinema fits a perfect slot for us. We’re looking for an environment where the consumer is not distracted, and movie theaters provide that environment.”

Suzy Deering, Director of Media and Sponsorships, Verizon Wireless

“Our partnership with Screenvision is a perfect fit for our brand and an innovative new way to reach our target demo and fans of the category.”

Suzanne Kolb, Senior VP of Marketing, E! Networks

“Working with Screenvision has proven to be a very smart investment for the Army National Guard. The theatre offers the best environment to see, hear, and feel the emotion and intensity Guard soldiers have for their organization. Combined with box office promotions, advertising in movie theatres allows us to emotionally connect the American public with the Guard, and to leave the theater with a tangible way of learning more about opportunities to serve in the National Guard.”

Alicia Wallace, Media Director, LM&O Advertising, for Army National Guard Press Release

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