Research Insights

The Screenvision research group acquires the best systems and data, via leading marketing research vendors, to execute a consistently high level of actionable, unique positioning for Cinema Advertising for the local, regional and national marketplace.

Below are some of our key resources/capabilities:


  • Analytics and measurement of the moviegoing audience (via The Nielsen Company and Reach & Frequency)
  • In-theatre primary research for clients and Screenvision preshow (via Lieberman research)
  • Mapping capabilities (via Pitney Bowes MapInfo)
  • Analysis of syndicated research studies and databases

Cinema Advertising Counsel (CAC) Research Studies

2011: Moviegoer Insights Presentation:

The CAC study demonstrates to advertisers that Cinema advertising compares favorably versus other major media on key demographic and psychographic metrics.

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2010: Reallocation/Emotional Attachment Study:

This study used key research resources (Nielsen Fusion data and NewMediaMetrics) to demonstrate how advertisers can quantify the impact with Cinema through reach and emotional attachment data.

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2008 IMMI Study:

This IMMI study demonstrated the impact of Cinema on ROI through innovative cell phone technology.

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2007 Arbitron Advertising Study:

This Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study focuses on the moviegoers’ relationship with Cinema advertising and evaluates its ability to influence young and affluent consumers.

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