Lobby Promotions

Screenvision offers integrated marketing opportunities that allow advertisers to extend in-cinema campaigns through customizable elements that reach consumers throughout their entire movie-going experience.

Screenvision’s Sales division works to develop multi-tiered, customized, integrated solutions to help advertisers meet marketing objectives that build upon their cinema advertising for maximum brand exposure.

Recent research has shown that 92% of moviegoers notice posters and displays in the lobby 1. From box office handouts, branded popcorn bags and soda cups – to bold lobby banners and 3-D ceiling danglers, Screenvision offers your brand a broad spectrum of integrated promotional opportunities that reach customers throughout their entire movie-going experience.

Screenvision will work with you to extend your brand’s awareness on-screen and at various touch-points throughout the theatre. To learn how off-the-shelf and custom integrated marketing opportunities can work for your brand, please contact us today.



Box Office Handouts 

Product literature, samples, game pieces, coupons, premiums and more distributed at the time of ticket purchase or pick up.


Standing cutouts placed at the concession stand or box office where moviegoers interact before the movie.

Counter Cards

Smaller cutouts placed at the concession stand or box office where moviegoers interact before the movie.

Lobby Banners

Attractive hanging banners make a bold statement throughout the theatre. An overwhelming 92% of movie-goers take notice of lobby posters and displays.

Popcorn Bags

Printed snack sacks put your message in the hands of your consumer and can even carry uniquely placed peel-off game pieces, coupons or product samples.

Soda Cups

Printed cups extend your brand messaging with every sip.

Kids Packs

Concession fun packs include a branded soft drink and popcorn bag in a printed cardboard tray. Especially attractive to younger audiences.


Movie posters give your product top billing.


Theatre-based Contests and Sweepstakes

Custom contests or sweepstakes can be developed based on your brand’s objectives.

Vehicle Displays

Vehicle being placed outside of theatre in vicinity of entrance or inside of theatre lobby.

Lobby Demos

Live, physical demonstration of your product within the lobby area of a theatre.

Plasma Screens

Prominently displayed high-definition plasma screens in highly trafficked movie-theatre lobby.

3-D Ceiling Danglers

Eye-catching signage with a unique 3-D design.


SOURCE: The Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study 2007, Base: Moviegoers (saw a movie in the theatre in last month)



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