Digital Preshow

Screenvision’s Front & Center digital preshow is designed to engage and entertain moviegoers with a compelling 20-minute show that blends behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming film and TV programming, world premiere music videos, the latest in entertainment and technology, and branded entertainment pieces.

Unique advertising opportunities.
Screenvision’s digital preshow offers a variety of brand-building opportunities for advertisers:

  • Long-form content segments give you more time to reach and engage consumers with your messaging
  • Product integration through content segments enables you to creatively highlight key product/brand attributes
  • Sponsorship of show segments, music, trivia or the entire preshow gives you valuable brand presence in front of an attentive audience
  • Cinema slide and spot advertising allows you to run existing creative on the big screen

In top markets nationwide.
Screenvision’s high-definition digital preshow plays nationwide, across all top DMAs, including some of the nation’s most luxurious theaters, home to most of Hollywood’s Red Carpet premieres.

A hit among moviegoers.
Consumers give Screenvision’s digital preshow high marks, achieving 94% receptivity levels, with even higher praise from young adults and teens.

Want your ad on screen with the digital preshow? Contact your sales representative to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Screenvision Fast Facts

  • 84% of all Hispanics and 70% of all African Americans went to the movies in 2012

    Source: NRG, American Moviegoing 2012

  • The average HH Income of moviegoers is $87,896, which is +16% higher than the average US person.

    Source: GFK, 2014 MRI Doublebase Study

  • While TV gets most of its viewing Mon-Thu, 68% of Cinema’s audiences are on the weekends, a perfect complement to TV

    Source: Nielsen Media Research FY 2012: Interview Questions and Galaxy Explorer

  • More people went to the movies in 2012 than attended Theme Parks and Sporting Events combined.

    Source: 2012 MPAA Study

  • 22% of moviegoers go shopping before or after the movies.

    Source: Nielsen Interview Questions, Full Year 2012

  • 62% of all Americans go to the movies every year.

    Source: GFK
    2014 MRI Doublebase Study

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