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Connect With Consumers On The Big Screen With Cinema Advertising

Looking to reach consumers in an immersive, entertaining and distraction-free environment? Study after study proves that advertising your business or brand on the big screen results in higher recall and stronger impact than other advertising vehicles. Screenvision is the only cinema advertising company that delivers national, regional and local advertising- helping businesses of all sizes reach highly desirable moviegoing audiences.

National & Regional Advertisers

Cinema Advertising offers marketers the opportunity to reach the consumer at all touch-points within the cinema environment. Screenvision provides advertisers with multiple opportunities and an assortment of unique promotional elements designed to get your brand noticed.

A national, all-ratings buy ensures the most effective purchase; however, campaigns can be customized to reach different segments of the country grouped by region, state or zip code. Screenvision can also be bought by group ratings, (G, PG, PG13 and R) to help you reach your target demographics. We also offer advertisers the opportunity to reach African American and Hispanic segments through a specially designated network of theatres.

Ready to make your brand part of the moviegoing experience? Contact us today.

Local Advertisers

Screenvision’s local sales division is committed to helping advertisers grow their businesses with geo-targeted campaigns right in their own communities. We  also maintain a dedicated, in-house creative department that will collaborate with you to craft clear, compelling messaging and stunning visuals for your slides.

Let us show you how advertising at the movies can help grow your business! Contact us today.

Screenvision Fast Facts

  • 84% of all Hispanics and 70% of all African Americans went to the movies in 2012

    Source: NRG, American Moviegoing 2012

  • The average HH Income of moviegoers is $87,896, which is +16% higher than the average US person.

    Source: GFK, 2014 MRI Doublebase Study

  • While TV gets most of its viewing Mon-Thu, 68% of Cinema’s audiences are on the weekends, a perfect complement to TV

    Source: Nielsen Media Research FY 2012: Interview Questions and Galaxy Explorer

  • More people went to the movies in 2012 than attended Theme Parks and Sporting Events combined.

    Source: 2012 MPAA Study

  • 22% of moviegoers go shopping before or after the movies.

    Source: Nielsen Interview Questions, Full Year 2012

  • 62% of all Americans go to the movies every year.

    Source: GFK
    2014 MRI Doublebase Study

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